So nice to have you here looking at my work!  I am a mother, wife and woman with a business dream and a talent for sewing/fashion.

Difficult to put myself in one box but I do know I love sewing/creating with textiles.

I guess it all started when I was 10 and made Barbie a Kimono (that my brother was drawing for his studies).  I noticed this garment he was drawing would fit Barbie perfectly and the rest is history.

I am mostly self taught but my Fashion Design studies gave me the info I needed for my other love pattern making.

Why baby clothing?  Well when I had my 2 kids I would notice the most beautiful clothing for babies, but it was not practical or functional for a baby to wear.

So my mission is quality, good looking practical functional baby clothing. 

Enjoy your shopping and please feel free to contact me at or whatapp: 0793284757 for more info.

Werna vd Merwe